Nissan Leaf

The new Nissan LEAF is coming to Australia

Since the first generation LEAF was launched in 2010, it has sold over 360,000 units globally, making it the world’s best-selling electric vehicle*. The new Nissan LEAF is making its way to Australia, register your interest to be the first hear about the latest news.

Nissan Leaf

*Based on global EV sales data: 2010 - June 2018.

Nissan Leaf

The world’s best-selling electric vehicle*

Make your day-to-day simply amazing with the new Nissan LEAF. Feel the rush of instant acceleration from the 100% electric motor, while it’s suite of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features give you a smarter, safer drive.

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*Based on global EV sales data: 2010 - June 2018.

Feel the rush

  • Fully electric, zero tailpipe emissions
  • Battery capacity increased to 40kWh
  • 270km real world driving range^
  • 110kW of power
  • 320Nm of torque

Compare 1st GEN with 2nd GEN

^WLTP range for European spec model. NEDC range is 350km

Enjoy the ride

  • e-Pedal
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with 8-inch touch-screen display
  • Heated leather steering wheel and front and rear seats
  • Leather-accented seat trim~
  • 7-speaker Bose Energy Efficient premium audio

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~Leather accented features and upholstery may contain synthetic material

Nissan Leaf

Your partner on the road

Nissan Intelligent Mobility is like having a co-pilot on the road, giving you extra awareness of your surroundings to enjoy a safer driving experience. The e-Pedal means you can speed up, slow down, and brake with just one pedal; while the integration of other intelligent features keeps you in your lane on highways and can even bring you to a halt in emergencies.

Nissan Leaf


Start, stop, simply.

Accelerate, brake and stop all in one pedal. By simply releasing the accelerator, the LEAF will come to a complete stop.

Nissan Leaf


No bumps

Enjoy a smoother journey. Our system automatically applies brakes and adjusts engine torque to better balance your ride.

Nissan Leaf


Cruising made easy

Drive safer with cruise control that adjusts its speed to maintain a safe distance between you those ahead.

Nissan Leaf


Your eyes on the road

Get alerts if you need to slow down and even have the brakes applied for you to avoid a sudden collision.

Nissan Leaf


Hug the road

Handle corners like never before with individual wheel braking that helps you turn smoothly.

Nissan Leaf


Stay in your lane

Stay on track with technology that detects if you’re veering from your lane then makes corrections to ease you back.

Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf

Charging the new Nissan LEAF

Powering up is now quicker and easier. Get an 80% charge in approximately 60 minutes at one of our fast charging points – and thanks to its new larger capacity battery a full charge can take you up to 270km (real world driving range)^.

Nissan Leaf

Hassle free charging

Charge your vehicle at home or at one of the 780 charging stations nationwide. Travelling long distances? No problem. Map your journey by locating all the charging stations en route.